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Zeopolis Happenings

Cheese N Pot-C will be performing with Da Crew at Oka Sonic in Kyoto on Sunday, September 16th 2018. Click the link for showtimes and venues.

Pot-C's new blocCast - Tha Bloc Report - is now available at blocSonic.com.

Cheese's new cut album - "Barnaby Comes Alive!!!" - is now available at blocSonic.com.

Pot-C (and occasionally Cheese) djs every Friday night from 10 pm JST at Balearica Cafe & Bar - INFO : Balearica Cafe & Bar

Pot-C (and occasionally Cheese) hosts the OG3 Underground Hip-Hop FM Radio Show Thursdays at 11 pm and Saturdays at 6 am (both JST) on Osumi Community FM Radio Network - Listen Live : Osumi Community FM Radio Network - Click the big button in the panel next to the Contents bar to activate the m3u file for streaming. E-mail puckcru@gmail.com to submit your Creative Commons licensed or independent release for consideration for airplay. There are two shows per month that air four times over the course of two consecutive weeks.

Listen to the previous episode here: