June 14th 2017
If you didn't already know, Pot-C has a dj night in Kanoya every Friday night from 10 til whenever at Cafebar-Balearica.

And if you haven't dragged yer ass over there yet, go check out our ZEOPOLIS PRODUCTIONS ARCHIVE.ORG page! We promise there may be some new oldies up there soon!

Cheese N Pot-C are also cookin' up a new albulation featuring Donnie Ozone, CM aka Creative, C-Doc, Timezone LaFontaine, 34Pro and a gang of folks you know we roll with. To be available in the soonish future!

And if you're dying to hear something new from Cheese N Pot-C right now, go download the singlay, The Road Goes On Forever / Heavier Than Ever by Timezone LaFontaine and his full albulation, Soul Night!

And, yes we know it's been since January, but there is finally a new OG3 show up rite HERE!

Artist Albulation Download
Cheese N Pot-C TA2MI Presents : Cheese N Pot-C N Pals blocSonic
Cheese N Pot-C TA2MI Presents : Cheese N Pot-C blocSonic
Cheese N Pot-C The Raps Well blocSonic
Pot-C Homemade Raps blocSonic
Cheese N Pot-C Dallas 2 Tha Palace blocSonic
Pot-C Baldest N Fattest XE blocSonic
Cheese N Pot-C Funky Motion blocSonic
Cassette Tape Bandits The Shonen Sporks EP blocSonic
Cassette Tape Bandits Spot Rockers blocSonic
Cassette Tape Bandits Rapper Exchange Program blocSonic
Cassette Tape Bandits The 1 Upper blocSonic
Cheese N Pot-C Hey You Guys blocSonic
Cheese N Pot-C Blue Bins blocSonic
Cheese N Pot-C Old School My School blocSonic
D3Z'Z Bloc Party 2 blocSonic
D3Z'Z Zenpin Hangaku blocSonic
D3Z'Z U Got It Bad blocSonic
D3Z'Z Doin' The Raps XE blocSonic
Cheese N Pot-C Bloc Party blocSonic
Cheese N Pot-C Explworaz blocSonic
Cheese N Pot-C Nuthin Bout Tha Weather blocSonic
Cheese N Pot-C Cheese N Pot-C Buffet XE blocSonic