P.U.C.K. (Previously Unknown Canadian Kids) was formed in August 1995, when Pot-C (then How Now Lau), Cheese (then DJ Murtle MC) and Long John decided it was time for a crew name for their expanding roster. Currently referred to as the P.U.C.K. Cru, they are originally from the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia, Canada. Cheese N Pot-C started their hip-hop experiments in Port Coquitlam and Long John had moved into Vancouver from Campbell River on Vancouver Island. Cheese N Pot-C had a few homejob cassettes circulating before Pot-C met Long John through Sam The Record Man. Long John made his first appearance on How Now Lau & DJ Murtle's 'Hey, It Rhymes' (Jan 1995) album and then continued with feature appearances on their following albums - 'Pant Legs & Left-Sides, eh?' (Feb 1995) and the two hour double cassette - 'Bus Ride' (May 1995).

From then until January 2001, the cru had recorded and released dozens of projects, including solo and spin-off albums. During that time the roster included: Spanish Fly Girl, DJ Qwest, Ramsay, Relikz of Verse, Kenny-K, Tha G.M.C., Pee Wee, Herbal-T, Intellect, Yuk MC, DJ Beasley, Tha D, Drunky Brooster and Tha R. Spin-off crews included: Dah Rubbeez (Kenny-K as Rubbee Q, Pot-C as Rubbee Rokk and Cheese as DJ Murtle), The Suburban Banditz (Pot-C, DJ Qwest and Pee Wee), Krazy Shitz (Yuk MC, Cheese N Pot-C).

Highlights from that era include: "Fuck, Gary Bettman" on PUCK ROCK Volume 2 (Sudden Death Records) and "Unsigned Hype" on The Canadian Indie Boxset (Meathead Records) which also received 3 mics from the Source.

In December 2001, the cru debuted as a full band, instead of just a hip-hop unit relying on sampled and drum machine tracks. The 'live band' version of the cru includes: Long John on lead vocals, Cheese on co-lead vocals and turntable duties, Tha D on Bass, Kenny-K on drums, Tha R on guitar and Pot-C on co-lead vocals. Herbal-T was also part of the original band roster on guitar until he moved on to other projects.

The cru now only gets together once a year (when possible) in Vancouver, as Cheese N Pot-C currently live in Japan working on music projects of their own. In April 2002, Pot-C had a track titled "Shotgun" under the P.U.C.K. Cru banner on a compilation titled Progressive Hip-Hop (Sony Records Japan). Pot-C and Long John have formed the duo 'Da Molsen Twinz' and have a few as yet unreleased projects set for when hell freezes over. Cheese N Pot-C are always working on new albums and have many collaborations on the go through Acidplanet. They have also formed more spin-off projects with I.C. Mic, Marphex, Benzo, T2, DJ Hi-Low, Kouhei Kakimoto, Linda Lashin, KFC, Cheese's New Japan Fam, Highsnow, T-Pick and D-Ranga.


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2011-11-25 at Thrashers, Vancouver, B.C.
2003-06-05 at Raglans, North Vancouver, B.C.
2003-06-05 at Cafe Deux Soleils, Vancouver, B.C.
2003-06-05 at Snackers, Surrey, B.C.
2003-06-04 at The Cobalt, Vancouver, B.C.
2001-12-27 at The Wise Hall, Vancouver, B.C.
2001-12-26 at The Cobalt, Vancouver, B.C.
2001-12-23 at The Sugar Refinery, Vancouver, B.C.


Puck Rock Vol. 2

With the Essential Noise imprint dormant, Laurie Mercer is licensing the second volume of the Puck Rock series to ex-management client Joe Keithley, for release on the D.O.A. front man's indie imprint, Sudden Death. The track lineup includes an ode to the NHL commissioner titled "F*** Gary Bettman" by the Campbell River, B.C. group PUCK (AKA Previously Unknown Canadian Kids). - From Soundbites in The Record Feb. 23 1998 Issue.

Hip-hop unit P.U.C.K. scores big points with "Fuck Gary bettman". - Exclaim Magazine - May 1999 review of Puck Rock Volume 2


Long John  Dah Crew


Starfish Room, Vancouver B.C. Jan. 16 1998
Review by Shawn Merrill
March 1998 Exclaim Magazine
No other event during the NHL "All-Star" weekend could have been more important than Hockeypalooza for that old-time hockey spirit. MC Johnny Hanson gave the official OK, and the festivities began when Campbell River's P.U.C.K. were dropped onto the icy stage in a free-for-all. Their brand of puck rock could be accurately described as "Canadian-white-trash-rap" with lyrics written by a constipated Don Cherry. One member of P.U.C.K. spazzed out on stage with an afro, visor, and a Canadian flag cape, resembling a honky version of Public Enemy's Flava Flav. If that image wasn't enough to carry this band, then their instant hit "If Ya Touch My Scotch, I'll Kick Your Crotch" will. Besides, who else would do a rap version of "Proud To Be A Canadian" by the Dayglo Abortions?

"Fuck Gary Bettman and his rule changes/Fuck Wayne Gretzky and the New York Rangers" (P.U.C.K.) - Headline for Phil Oates NHL All-Star Weekend Review in Terminal City Jan. 23-29 1998 Issue.

Lo-Fi Dainja Golf  I.B.C.N.U.N.L.  Soopah Dum!

drop-d magazine #8 december 1996 writer: John Merlot
Reviews Of P.U.C.K. Release: Lo-Fi Dainja Golf & How Now Lau Releases: I.B.C.N.U.N.L. and Soopah Dum!

This trio of cassettes comes to us from PoCo's prolific How Now Lau and friends. They've put over a half-dozen full-length releases out this year alone, and these tapes are available at Sam's downtown for $1.99 each, apparently. Cheap? Yeah. And for good reason.

This sexist drivel is the kind of vulgar macho claptrap that makes people write off rap as just being homeboys clutching their dicks and thinking with their bongs. If Beavis and Butthead were closet sodomites who had delusions of being down with the "hood," this is what they would spew out.

Want some examples? In "Hoorz Lite," DJ Murtle MC raps pathetic about his desire for... let's say, aggresive anal sex... which is fine if you're talking about politicians, white supremacists, or the windbags on PBS' pledge breaks, but not if you're talking about your home girls, fly girls, girly girls or whatever girls. In "Mega Fukkin Hyper Porn Muthafukka," Lau - "the self-proclaimed retard of rap" - brags about... ah hell, the title speaks volumes. It takes more than loopy spelling to wear the wacky rap tag of the Pharcyde, early De La Soul, or even stoner favorites Cypress Hill.

The thing that really pisses me off is that buried beneath the muck there is some real, albeit raw, talent. How Now Lau is adept at twisting a phrase and could probably develop into a decent freestyler. Also, he's a fair basement, although he's addicted to syllable and word repetition, which comes from having an itchy delay finger.

P.U.C.K. and How Now Lau are going to have to learn the hard way that rap is evolving. If you're gonna be a hard-fronting gangsta rapper, you have to have the beats to give the music a pulse, the grit to make it real and the charisma to pull it off. With our financial climate becoming more unstable, people are getting smarter and more discriminating in their music buying. People are growing up, and How Now Lau, DJ Murtle MC and the rest of the "homeyboyz" are going to have to do the same if they want to prevent P.U.C.K. (Previously Unknown Canadian Kids) from becoming S.U.C.K. (Still Unknown Canadian Kids).

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P.U.C.K. Spin-Off Recordings:

Dah Rubbeez - More Smarterer

More Smarterer

All Songs Copyright 1999,1996 Zeopolis Productions
Recorded at Tha Langan Howse (Port Coquitlam) - Tha Inlet Howse (Coquitlam) - How Now Lau's 401 Room (Vancouver)

1. It's Dah Rubbeez
2. Robo - Rubbeez
3. All My Love
4. Rubbeez Rhymin'
5. Rubbeez 4 Real
6. DJ Murtle Rubbz Recordz
7. Musical Nightmare
8. How We Light Our Pot
9. Dummy Rubbeez
10. Rubbeez Rock
11. Stay Hi
12. Traumarama
13. Egg Nog Beats
14. Hot Dog Burga-Lurz / The Last Song
15. Shithowse Ratz
16. Mentally
17. The Zone
18. Hit The Bong
19. Gap Teeth
20. G-Dogg Starts A Joke
21. Grab The Mic
22. U Fight Me
23. Freestyle
24. Scratch A Beeyatch
25. G-Dogg Finishes A Joke

Krazy Shitz - Krazy Shitz

Krazy Shitz

All Songs Copyright 1999, 1998 Zeopolis Productions
Recorded at Columbia Academy and How Now Lau's 401 Room (Vancouver)

1. Dope Ass Weed Song - (3:19)
2. Whooo-Liganz feat. Suburban Banditz - (3:09)
3. Walkin' N' Talkin' - (3:02)
4. We'll Soon Have You Skratchin' - (1:59)
5. Y'All No - (3:01)
6. Yuk MC N' Tha Cheese - (2:41)
7. Paris (Jus B Friendz) - (4:11)
8. Kray Shitz - (3:20)
9. They Playin' feat. Herbal-T - (3:43)
10. Weaver Beaver feat. Pee Wee N' Beasley - (5:43)
11. Krazy Shitz In Tha House - (4:19)
12. Bower Hour feat. Herbal-T - (4:12)

Suburban Banditz - Shit On Your Earz

Shit On Your Earz

All Songs Copyright 1999, 1998 Zeopolis Productions
Recorded at How Now Lau's 401 Room and Tha 49th Howse (Vancouver)

1. Bandit Style - (3:33)
2. Mista Radio - (2:56)
3. Ruff - (3:04)
4. A Fat Sac feat. Herbal-T - (3:07)
5. Only 1 U Need - (2:49)
6. Breakdown feat. Yuk MC - (2:52)
7. Make The Madness Stop feat. Drunky Brooster - (4:04)
8. Messages Addressed - (4:06)
9. No Contest feat. Drunky Brooster - (3:13)
10. Outerworld Unawear - (4:00)
11. Funn Dip - (3:27)
12. Old Debtz - (3:36)
13. Brothaz - (3:53)
14. Breader Cheddar 2nd Loaf Remix feat. Beasley - (4:39)

Yuk MC - Greatest Hitz

Greatest Hitz

All Songs Copyright 1999 Zeopolis Productions
Recorded at How Now Lau's 401 Room (Vancouver)

1. Yuk MC'z Greatest Hitz
2. Takin Care Of Biz
3. Braindead
4. Undeniable Fate
5. Yuk N' Lau
6. Whachusainyuk?

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PUCK-006CD BOTTLED FARTS : 1995 - 2001
Released : 2012-07-11

PUCK-005CD BAR STARZ - ACE ON THE RUN (froot scootaz... take tha froot n' scoot)
Released : 2001-01-31

Released : 1999-07-30

Released : 1999-05-25

Released : 1999-01-25

Released : 1998-04-15

PUCK-12 brain damaged goodz
Released : 1997-04-27